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  • How do I get a quote?
    We will have our Quote Form available in a few months before we reopen. (No quotes available at this time)
  • Do you accept Refunds?
    We Absolutely accomadate refunds, but this must be within reason. If materials have not been paid for, you will receive 100% of your money back. If work has been started, the progress you have recieved maybe turned into a premade. Refunds can take up to 1 month to get back to you. Please check out the chart below for more details.
  • Do you Accept Payment Plans? How do they Work?
    We only accept short term payment plans of one to three months at most. We prefer being paid in full so that we can order materials and get started on your commission ASAP. When we accept your commission, you will need to make a down payment of at least 35% of the full cost up front. We will work together with you to arrange a schedule of payments for the remaining balance. Once we begin work on your commission, the down payment becomes non-refundable. Missed payments can result in a late payment fee of $25, though if you feel you are going to be late on a payment, let us know as soon as possible and we may be able to accommodate you."
  • Do you provide Work in Progrss (WIP's) photos?
    Yes! Get ready, cause it's almost like spam! Even the smallest of detail matters, and we want to make sure you love all angles of your suit.
  • How long is the commissioning process?
    This depends on how busy we currently are. Before you purchase, we will tell you an estimate of when your suit should be completed. Generally its best to expect 3-24 months, with 10 months being most common.
  • When do you plan to open for commissions?
    We hope to be open around Christmas of 2020.
  • Is your work space Animal Free?
    No. Our work shop is animal friendly. We do not allow our pets to be on our materials, but its a good idea to not commission if you are heavily allergic. (Cats & Dog)
  • I'm a Minor. Can my parents order my Suit?
    Only Premade Items/Fursuits can be sold to minors and their legal guardians. If you wish to purchase a Premade, you, and your parent will be requested to have a video chat. This will allow me to make sure we are all on the same page, and answer any questions you might have for me. No custom work can be done for minors at this time.
  • Do you take on artistic liberty projects?
    Yes! We love taking on artistic liberty projects, and they are often somewhat customizable. You can pick gender, expression, species, and colors. We will send you a reference before we start. It can be a total suprise, or you can opt for Work In Progress photos. All artistic concepts are done by our preffered concept artist.
  • Can you ship to my Country?
    Yes! All countries are welcome to order.
  • Do you make costumes for Adult Content?
    No. If you wish to alter your suit, thats totally fine, but please understand it voids your warranty.
  • Do I need a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)?
    If you are getting a fullsuit, Yes! This is the most accurate way to get your body size. We have our own strict rules on how to make them, so please await our instruction on how to do so. *All DTD's must be taped back up before sending. If not a $50 fee will apply*
  • Do you accept copyrighted character commissions, I.E Pokémon, Digimon, ECT."
    We do not accept any copyrighted characters or designs that do not belong to you. This includes and is not limited to: Tv Shows/Movies, Game Characters, ECT
  • Are there any species you won't take as commissions?
    We are open to most species, and original species, but certain designs may not translate into our style very well. We may have to pass if we feel we can't execute the design.
  • Do you make Moveable Jaws?
    No. All our jaws are static.
  • What is your Vision/Ventilation like?
    We pride ourselves on making suits with the best vision/ventilation possible. This is something we got to work on very hard throughout the years. As someone with sensory issues, it's important to make sure our mouth/nose is not being hindered by foam. The vision is so good, it even doubles as extra ventilation! Little to no blind spots.
  • What kind of fur do you use?
    All of it is Faux fur.
  • How do I Wash my suit?
    **We hope to make a video tutorial on this soon** You can drench your head in a bathtub, or use a washer machine (one without an agitator). The eyes will not be harmed if you get water in them, just avoid getting soap on the mesh. Hands, tails, sleeves, indoor feet, and bodies can be put into a washer machine. Insert smaller items into a zippable pillow case to prevent fur kinks. Do NOT use heat. Tumble dry is fine, but heat will ruin the fur as its made of plastic. Do NOT hang your body up to dry when soaking wet. This will stretch out your suit, and might even pop seams. Bodies weigh 25-50 pounds when soaking.
  • Do your suits fit people with Glasses?
    We can make accommodations for those with glasses.
  • Will you work with Deadlines?
    Within reason! A fee may apply depending on the date.
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