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How to Order


Acquire a Fursuit Reference Sheet. Our preferred concept artist is @SlumberYote on twitter.


If you already have a reference, please make sure it has 3 sides if you have complex markings: Front, Back, and Side View. All Markings must be easy to see.


Wait for our Quote Form to reopen, and select any features you want added to your order: Puffy Paws, Wiggle Ears, ECT.


Recieve a Quote via email. If you are accepted, we will notify you, and from there you can decide if you would like to go to the next step.

Declined quotes will still be notified. Please understand that we cannot take everyone's commission at once. We plan to have many opening opportunities!


After you accept the slot, you will be required to pay upfront or with our short term payment plans.

Short term payments are around 1-3 Months depending on the price. If you cannot work within this timeframe, we highly suggest getting some sort of loan/credit card.

Full payment highly preffered.


Suit Work begins! After payment, we will order all the materials for your suit, and from there we can start building your custom costume! You will also be added to our Trello so you can see your spot in line.

Be prepared for a LOT of Work in Progress photos. We really enjoy getting your feedback to make this costume perfect for you.


Once the suit is complete, we will take final photos and discuss payment for shipping. Shipping is always charged after the suit is made and weighed.

You will receive a tracking number, with shipping insurance. 

My Post.jpg
My Post (17).png

All Concept work shown was done by SlumberYote.


They offer character designs if you cannot figure one out for yourself! 

You can find them here: SlumberYote

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